Monday, October 25, 2010

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Even though dermatologists have long said that diet is not related to acne, today we have evidence proving that what we eat not only affects our overall health, it can also affect our skin.

Considering that skin is the largest organ in our bodies, it would be silly to assume that what we put in our bodies will not reflect on our skin.

The skin makes up for 16 percent of our body weight. It is responsible not only for the protection of our organs and tissues, but it helps the body rid itself of waste, working alongside the kidneys, lungs, and colon. The skin reacts to our body's conditions and it reflects mainly on two things: (1) whether we have the necessary nutrients to sustain healthy living functions, and (2) how healthy our living functions are.

It is known that foods like sugars, carbohydrates, processed foods, preservatives, heavy diary products, and junk food all have adverse effects on our bodies. They not only promote mucus formations in the colon due to their yeast feeding qualities, they interfere with the proper cleansing of our systems, making us strongly retain toxins and waste.

One of the worst foods for acne is sugar. It is a devilish food, as it is present in almost everything that we eat, making it very hard to avoid.

Sugar and related sugars (such as carbohydrates) impact our body by altering the glucose levels in our blood. This detonates an insulin response, which makes our blood levels to drastically drop. When we eat more sugar than we are supposed to in a day, the insulin response is triggered constantly, thus affecting other hormones in the process. This generates an important hormonal imbalance that leads to the overproduction of oil and sebum in skin oil glands. The oil plugs our pores trapping bacteria within it, and the follicle results in a skin lesion.

If we maintain a diet that is filled with foods that cause this chain reaction, skin lesions would be more frequent flare-ups known as mild, moderate or severe acne.

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