Friday, October 22, 2010

Keeping a Balanced Diet

As an adult with acne, you probably remember breaking out during puberty. Back then, when our bodies were young and resilient, we couldn't overload on chocolate without experiencing a break out. It was easy then to identify the causes of our acne. When we are young, are bodies are pure and healthy. Resilience to stress is easily maintained and bodily functions (other than hormonal changes) are intact.

Once acne develops, breakouts become an everyday thing, making it hard to determine the cause of our condition. We don't know whether it was that chocolate bar we ate after lunch or the unexpected meeting with the boss that gave us the jeepers.

While turning back time to our young days isn't an option, there are things that we can do to purify our body and start our relationship with it from scratch. A prolonged toxic overload will affect every single system in your body. If you are experiencing breakouts, you might also be sweating excessively, producing excess oils, or having sinus problems and an over production of wax in your ears.

These are all means of the body to rid itself of the toxic substances and waste that becomes accumulated in your system. Because of this, having a balanced diet is essential to keeping waste levels in the body under control. If you surrender to fried foods, animal fats, sugar, dairy, and caffeine on a daily basis, then you are putting more waste into your body than it can handle.

Feed your body with nutrient-rich foods that are easy to digest. Keep a high fiber diet with fats in the form of pure vegetable oils such as olive oil, flaxseed oil, grape seed oil, and canola oil.

Eat fruits and vegetables every day. Try to eat them raw as often as possible to take full advantage of their nutritional properties.

Also, reduce or totally eliminate sugars in your diet. Yeasts feed on undigested sugars, making our colon more prone to the development of candiadiasis.

Eat protein-based products that are easy to digest. Meat, for example, is high in protein but is also loaded with hormones, animal fats, and toxins. As an alternative, resort to proteic sources such as fish and organic chicken breasts, or stick to grains like quinoa and soybeans.

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