Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coloring Your Eyebrows

This post is for beginners as you should not attempt to dye your eye browns even with a brow tint unless professional performed or you have much experience. Not only can dying or bleaching brows at home be unsafe but appear fake if not colored right. My tip is easy and no commitment only temporarily so if you don't like it just wash off or use a makeup remover.

If, like me, you have eyebrows that are a bit too pale in color you can easily make them darker. This technique is used to enhance your eyes unless your going for a less natural look. When applying mascara or an eye makeup always make sure you have excess powder under your eyes. If you're using loose powder, expect to make a mess. It easier to clean up fallen eyeshadow or mascara mess. Groom your brows with a clean mascara brush or similar tool. Move loose hairs into place and blend color for a more natural appearance.

Tools you will need:
Eye brow tweezers or wax kit, brow brush, gel or clear mascara, mirror and liner.
  1. First get your eyebrows into shape by plucking or waxing and brushing. Groom your brows with a clean mascara brush or makeup tool such as a brown brush. I find brown brushes work the best. You can find tools that have a brown brush on one end and a lash brush on the other side. This tool allows you to style your brows by moving loose hairs into place and blend color for a more natural appearance. Next, find a powder eyeshadow that matches your coloring and using a brow brush, gently run the color through your eyebrows.
  2. Don't apply too much, just enough to darken the brows. Try not applying color too dark or too light. To keep all the hairs in place, spray a very small amount of hairspray onto the brow brush, using clear mascara or grooming gel such for hair or brow and sweep that gently through the brows. When coloring your eye brows with powder it is best to use a flat angled brow brush. Apply color by following the natural shape of the brow.
  3. I normally use light brown as that is my natural coloring, but if you dye your hair match your brown as close as possible. At the time I first wrote this post my hair was a dark brown color, as that looks natural with my normal hair coloring. So you may need to experiment a bit to find the correct shade for your eyebrows.

I prefer going a shade darker on my brow and not lighter it does not define your eyes as much in my opinion but try experimenting. When applying color stroke brow with light, feathery strokes, focusing on adding color to thinner areas. Avoid marking brows with too much color you don't want painted on brows.

I have also used brown or eye liners as well as mascara. When using a eyebrow liner make use it is a sharp eyebrow pencil. Mascara? Yes mascara. Others may say "Don't ever use mascara on your eyebrows as it is too thick and will make a mess"!

It may be true for some but if you have fine hair on your browns and was coordinated you will have no problem applying mascara to brown. When apply using a mascara apply to the inner edges first, area closer to the nose, then move to the outer. Note if you wish you may switch this direction to what suits you best and is easier.

If brows are untamed first apply a clear mascara instead of hair spray. Allow the clear mascara to dry first before applying one to two coats. This way you avoid tinting your clear mascara or messing up you browns. Don't not apply to heavy just enough to color.

  • 4. Next, use your eyebrow brush/eyelash comb to brush out any clumps from the mascara. Brown or eyelash brush can be purchased most anywhere including your local drugstore.

Finally you can use any color eyeshadow to match or complement your hair not your outfit because that's outdated. I would suggest trying a little contrast in your eyeshadow. Remember when apply dark color to brows to use a color that is in the same family of your complexion. Such as your skin tone, coloring of your eyes face and natural hair. Go no more than a shade darker if you are new to makeup applications. Remember always skin is in.