Monday, July 2, 2012


Sorry to my readers that I haven't been blogging frequently. See I got married to my high school sweetheart I haven't been in contact with in over 10 years. Then a lot of drama started to happen right before our announcement of our pregnancy. Let's start by saying we have know each other since grade school attending most of the same schools over the years.

Participating in other programs in between school at the same time and socializing with each others family without even realizing. So the first time he attended my family's reunion he know a quarter of the people.

Just to make this clear my spouse and I didn't start speaking again until years after his divorce and his ex wife's remarriage. I was unsure to marry someone once divorce but since they had no kids, were not friends nor stayed in touch it seemed like their would not be much drama. Plus his charming, good looking and the fact were soul mates.

Well my husband received a call from his ex at his place of business. She knew were my spouse worked because her mom had told her and she found out he was married. We ran into his ex mother in law many many months ago my husband gave introductions.

The former mother in law, Angela and her bff seemed quite shocked that he had remarried.

Long story short Angela's actions and words didn't seem on the up and up. Not saying she wanted him back just she seemed miserable and resentful of his new found happiness. Like she was playing games and trying to cause us problems.

After several inappropriate behaviors such as a lot of hand touching that she displayed in front of myself and my husband. By the way my husband also remembers her touching his hand making a comment about how his hands looked. As well as displaying other inappropriate behaviors and ugly comments.

We decided as a team that this was not a person we want in our lives. Specially with a baby on the way we wanted boundaries and a good environment. I never once said anything hateful to her, no name calling, no fighting.

Angela was told how we felt about her actions assertively but gently. That we wish her the best and the time my husband shared with her was great but time to move on and give all he can to this our marriage.

She continued to text message my phone with her rude comments about my husband and their past. I asked her nicely to stop she didn't and I blocked her cell number. Then blocked Angela on facebook after she sent a message to my friend with a lot of hateful curse words.

Angela in order for me to be delusional I would have to not have text messages you sent my husband that support my claim your not trustworthy. That contradict every thing you left for me in your most resent message. That you just want a reaction and like drama in your life. It's apparent that it makes you feel alive and important. Why else are you still at it with contact?

If it was so innocent the flirting or your wish to be friends then why the lies afterwards? Remember when my husband told you he didn't like your over the top flirting at the wake? How you text message back that you did nothing wrong? Their was never to my husband any denial of your inappropriate behavior, but now the denial.

That your actions besides the touching didn't mean you want him and that your not that kind of person. How it was all very innocent and just your personality.

You asked my husband to be friends and further contact. So your saying then his a liar? You text my husband about further contact and being friends so you can't make me believe now that you never said that nor wanted to. Did you not send us a merry Christmas text message? If you didn't want anything else to do with him before he asked you to stop contact. Then why are their messages from you to my husband?

We asked you the first time in person not to contact us by cell or work phone only to the house phone. Meaning you didn't feel comfortable or the need to ever come over, call the house phone etc. Though you told my husband you wanted all of us to be friends and hang out.

My husband has proven himself worthy of trust. I have no doubts what so ever about my husbands integrity. I do however have serious doubt about yours ! My husband no longer uses my phone he decided it best after the way you have been behaving. I was lending him and now have the phone back in my possession so please forget the number for you will only be contacting Mrs.

My husband is the one that gently turned your offers down. I've got the text messages to prove it and saving face you are not in this case. At least your intentions don't seem honorable and we are allowed to our own adult mature interpretation to the situation.

I made that last comment because Brennan Angela's current spouse made the comment that my husband can't interpenetrate situations maturely. My husband is the type that wouldn't back me up on a lie. He also witness and interpreted the events as I did. His perception was similar to my own.

Well my friend received a strange and violate hateful message on facebook from my husbands ex. I was filled with lies and name calling of undesirable strong language such as witch but spelled with a B. A lot more then just calling me that name.

Remember Angela you were the one that kept contacting us and we did not initiate the contact. We did not ask you to be part of our lives, we didn't not call you at work or home. To try to be a part of my husband's life again is to be part of mine. You don't have to agree but that's just how it is for the rest of his life.

Her inclinations to be friends with my husband was just to try to create problems and undermine our relationship to give her pleasure. I base this on all her actions and words which I have not fully disclosed here on this blog. She is still very bitter about their divorce according to her messages.

Even though the divorce was many years ago, though she has remarried before my husband did she has yet to truly moved on. Moving on is letting go of your anger and letting go of my husband. Angela you have a right to your feelings but leave the past alone. We are no longer playing your games, you don't make the rules and our life choices are not our concern nor decision.

I have made a choice I choose not respond, not to let you get to me or your words, not let go of my power and not to hate. So I only say the following not to her but to my audience. Angela has given me a clear picture of who she really is and that she is not to be trusted.

Doesn't mean she's a bad person she just lies, starts trouble, doesn't respect our marriage and is very unhappy with herself.

I decided to not let her words get to me or think of her. I will pray for you to be happy. I will pray for myself to be able to forgive and forget. To learn to turn the other cheek. So I can be a better christian, mother, wife and person.

We are planning on the next phase of a wonderful life with our child and soon a house we will own. We will light a candle, pray for you at every opportunity we get, and wish for the two of you (Angela and her husband) only the best that life can offer. Life is too short and we only seldom get the chance to impress others with our kindness, compassion, humanity and love for our fellow person.

I trust this final goodbye will remind you of our best wishes and prayers for you every day of the rest of your lives. That you will remember us all the better. Blessing upon you and all that you endeavor! I forgive you, peace be with you, god bless.

Sincerely Me.

Thank to my readers for letting me share my life with you guys. More blogs and vlogs about makeup tips coming soon. Such as the modern smokey eye.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Staples Fashion

To look fashion forward this summer you will need some key pieces. Some of these items are low cost and basic for any wardrobe while others are modern trend on some classics.

Must have colors are red, white, blue and a gold or yellow color. You may pair with neutrals and prints. The must have print is stripe this season of summer 2012. If your brave pair it with solids and a floral print design.

If your thing is to wear neutral colors try pastel or lighter colors of the above like pink instead of red.

Skinny belt a must have for most all outfits this year as well as large clutches and colorful bold jewelry. Cardigans, sweaters and bangles are in plus Color is in this season of this year 2012.

Another key staple to have is a white tank top. Pair two together if sheer and you can buy them at Old Navy or any other store. Try layering since this is a big trend to stay. You can extend the color in your wardrobe if you put a white tank or tee underneath a tank or top with color.

White pants or jeans are super hot again. Capri jeans are for a weekend casual look and pants more work related. Make sure they are not too thin, bright clean white, seams are also white and lean.

Wear thongs in a neutral or white matching color or otherwise wear a long top. That will cover up your butt so you don't show the no-no panty lines.

Strips are in such think nautical meets the Hampton. The modern trend with the nautical look is to dress it up a bit more. More style and femininity to your look so you look more refine and put together.

Example a strip shirt blue blazer and white pants. Yellow shoes with a red and white striped dress. Over size accessories like pearls, shades pairs with a colorful bag. Like yellow or green that acts as you neutral or a real neutral with texture.

Finger nail colors are bright but mostly showing up in lady like colors light pink or other shades of pastels. Wear lips are more bright where nail colors were before and dark shades not seen as much in fashion or movie stars.

As always being beautiful starts within. looking good can make one feeling good about yourself too. Exercise with cautious because of the heat, drink plenty or water and eat healthy. Use sunscreen, wear a hat, light color clothes when extreme heat if you must go outside. Cooler days dark clothing to help keep the sun from penetrating and finally wear shades. Get your checkup at your doctor and dental office regularly. Take care of yourself, love yourself and have fun this summer.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Basic Need to Know Makeup Tips

Clean skin is a must before using makeup and having the correct "tools" is a necessity. Invest in good quality brushes for your application, and use a good skincare range everyday. Using makeup is fun - Practice with color, balance, blending, light and shade, and you should look beautiful.

Makeup is applied to the face to improve appearance - to emphasis the good features and make defects less noticeable. Foundation creates a good contour to the face and gives a base for color harmony, conceals blemishes and protects the skin from weather, wind and the environment.

The smoothest way to apply a foundation is with fingertips - blending one section at a time. Then evenly blend around the jaw, and hairline with a small dry sponge. Translucent Powder lightly applied gives a refined velvety finish.

Blusher adds color and contours the face. Pick the right color in either cool or warm tones. Apply under the cheekbone structure brushing gentle slanting strokes up towards the temple. Be careful not to use too much.

Start light and build up color as needed (see pictures further on - coming soon). {Check LINKS below} Eyes can be made to appear larger or smaller through eye shading. Light brings out, dark conceals. Dark liner make eyes appear smaller where as light bigger. Light eyes don't need as much makeup or attention.

Keep eyeliner thicker at outside end of eye graduating to middle of eye with a thinner line. Apply Mascara, and eyebrow pencil with a steady hand. If you have dark circles under your eyes, don't apply eyeliner until dark circles are covered with concealer or else your eyes will become too dark.

The finishing touch is Lipstick, gloss or stain. This will last longer if foundation and powder is applied to lips or you wear a long lasting brand. Outline lips with a soft lip pencil and define the shape and prevent "bleeding" into tiny lines around mouth. Fill mouth with chosen color, using a lip brush for application.

With all applications use light strokes and lots of blending with correct brushes or sponge flusk. Apply Blusher with a little color on brush, and use soft circular movement of brush from cheekbone to ear. Check face shapes following for correct position.

Make the right choices for your makeup application based on mood and look for the day. bend a little and don't be the same every time you make up. The appearance of our skin and face changes season to season and even day to day, depending on our health, the weather, our mood, and many reasons ..... WHILE MAKEUP TRENDS COME AND GO, STYLE REMAINS. Keep it simple.

Following are great tips for perfect makeup, enjoy the experimentation. Bad makeup technique are unflattering and can make you look tired and haggard, whilst a good makeup can bring out your best features and take years off your face, and give confidence.

Here are a simple few tips:
* use toner on your face first and apply moisturizer, to enable better blending of foundation/concealer.

* work your liquid or cream foundation onto the face with fingers in circular motions, working one area at a time, say from forehead down one side of face, then down the other side with quick motion. Blend downwards and outwards with a dry sea or makeup sponge.

* concealer is best applied after foundation - apply small dots where needed and gently pat into the skin, then wipe with a sponge to remove excess. Concealer can be applied with a sponge flusk or lip brush using the tips. If you feel a little more color is needed add to the spots, and blend again with sponge.

* use Translucent Loose Powder to set the makeup using a large soft brush and dusting over the face quickly in a downward motion. If the skin is more mature just use powder in the T-Zone of forehead, nose and chin. Use a water base foundation instead of oil to eliminate extra moisture to skin or carry mini towels that adsorb oil.

* to work out where to apply blusher, place finger along bottom of cheekbone and apply blusher in soft circular motions above that area. Never apply below the bottom of cheekbones, nor past a line from the center of your eyes. refer face shapes - click here

* for a lighter much more natural look, after loading blush onto brush, tap end of brush lightly against your hand to remove excess, then apply.

*foundation over the eye lids provides a smooth matte base and it helps stop creasing.

* go for a "no-colour" eye shadow as a base, like a soft creamy shade "highlighter" and place this on lids up to brow bone. For most eye shapes the dark colors needs to be used on outer eye area and/or in crease. If you use too much, add a little "no color" or translucent powder.

* Don't use colors to match your clothes, go for colors that suit you and your overall complexion. Example eyes first, hair and skin next. Using neutral, smudgy colors will flatter your face and try to avoid mauve, and very pink shades, depending on your skin type and makeup skills.

Refer to EYE SHAPE link for method, and find your correct colours via a Colour Image Consultant.
* eyeliner should be applied close to base of eyelashes to make them look thicker. A soft pencil is easier to manage.

* keep the thicker look to outer edge and with elbow on table for stability, draw the line towards inner corner of eye, thinning as you go. On lower lids, after application, smudge slightly with sponge tip of shadow applicator for a softer more natural look.

* to determine the correct length of eyebrows hold a pencil at the base of the nose, align it to inside corner of eye, then angle it from the base or your nose to outer corner of eye.This shows where brows should start and finish. To keep tidy, brush with
eyebrow brush. Define with light strokes of a pencil OR add a little eyeshadow power on the brush.

As with eyelids, lightly applied foundation provides a wonderful base for lipstick and helps the color last longer. Color has the power to transform your face - and your mood - completely. Palettes of color in pure pastel shades and vibrant true colors offer choices for every woman to celebrate all her many facets of a very definite femininity.

The right lip color can make all the difference. If there's one cosmetic you should have in a wide range of shades, its lipstick. For color that clings to your lips, in radiant warm earthy tones and classic natural cool shades, both matte and gloss. Make sure your lips have been moisturized, and foundation/powder applied. Outline your shape with a lip pencil in natural or a toning shade to the chosen lip color.Apply lipstick with a lip brush.

Then blot by "kissing" a tissue held between the lips, then reapply more color. Choose color tones in either warm or cool tones to suit your complexion. Though will newer lipstick available in sheer you don't not have to blot nor worry that you have applied too much this the newer formulas. So unless you are using older full coverage formula's you will not have to blot.

If you have had your "Colors" done, you will know what shades to go for, but as an example if wearing a Red outfit, don't wear Pink, Purple or Orange lipstick because it is your favorite. Look for something in brown - red (flattering on all skin types), pink-red, or red red (blue red)- depending on your skin tone and age.

These links will lead you to more information on specific titles . (Links have been removed).

For hygiene it is best not to keep product beyond certain dates.... most women use the rule of thumb of 3-6 months for all makeup. Foundation 1 year but I'd say more like 3-6 months. Lipstick maybe 1 to 2 years if matte and no longer that 6 months if creamy or liquid, powder 2 years, mascara 3 to 4 months, shadow 3 month, blush 1 year at most and in dry enviroment.

ALWAYS keep brushes clean - wash very regularly in mild natural shampoo and let dry naturally. Sponges should be washed weekly and thrown out every 4 to 5 weeks. For ladies over 40 to 50 years of age, simplify your style - in clothes and makeup.

Blend more carefully, and make sure foundation is a good match for your skin. Use light reflexive makeup to minimum unflattering shadows. Use foundation in either non-drying mineral foundation, cream makeup or liquid foundation since other skin is generally dry. All information above is common sense and from years of experience. If I have forgotten anything please add your comments below. If moisture has gotten to your makeup or your in doubt please throw away after 3 months.

* Disclaimer: All info herein is for educational purposes only and not medical advice. Please speak with your health care provider.