Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Staples Fashion

To look fashion forward this summer you will need some key pieces. Some of these items are low cost and basic for any wardrobe while others are modern trend on some classics.

Must have colors are red, white, blue and a gold or yellow color. You may pair with neutrals and prints. The must have print is stripe this season of summer 2012. If your brave pair it with solids and a floral print design.

If your thing is to wear neutral colors try pastel or lighter colors of the above like pink instead of red.

Skinny belt a must have for most all outfits this year as well as large clutches and colorful bold jewelry. Cardigans, sweaters and bangles are in plus Color is in this season of this year 2012.

Another key staple to have is a white tank top. Pair two together if sheer and you can buy them at Old Navy or any other store. Try layering since this is a big trend to stay. You can extend the color in your wardrobe if you put a white tank or tee underneath a tank or top with color.

White pants or jeans are super hot again. Capri jeans are for a weekend casual look and pants more work related. Make sure they are not too thin, bright clean white, seams are also white and lean.

Wear thongs in a neutral or white matching color or otherwise wear a long top. That will cover up your butt so you don't show the no-no panty lines.

Strips are in such think nautical meets the Hampton. The modern trend with the nautical look is to dress it up a bit more. More style and femininity to your look so you look more refine and put together.

Example a strip shirt blue blazer and white pants. Yellow shoes with a red and white striped dress. Over size accessories like pearls, shades pairs with a colorful bag. Like yellow or green that acts as you neutral or a real neutral with texture.

Finger nail colors are bright but mostly showing up in lady like colors light pink or other shades of pastels. Wear lips are more bright where nail colors were before and dark shades not seen as much in fashion or movie stars.

As always being beautiful starts within. looking good can make one feeling good about yourself too. Exercise with cautious because of the heat, drink plenty or water and eat healthy. Use sunscreen, wear a hat, light color clothes when extreme heat if you must go outside. Cooler days dark clothing to help keep the sun from penetrating and finally wear shades. Get your checkup at your doctor and dental office regularly. Take care of yourself, love yourself and have fun this summer.

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